Hands-On Universe/NASA WISE High School Teacher Workshops

Join a team of teachers taking advantage of the opportunity to incorporate the NASA WISE mission (Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer) asteroid studies in Physics, Astronomy, and/or Earth Science courses.

The UC Berkeley Lawrence Hall of Science (LHS) Hands-On Universe HOU project, Global Systems Science (GSS) and the WISE mission are joining forces to organize teacher workshops in the the Fall of 2009. There will be a 1-day workshop to introduce new curriculum materials that can be easily integrated into existing science courses and provide reinforcement of certain key science education standards (physics, astronomy, and inquiry-based learning). Participating teachers will be field test teachers for these new curriculum materials. The 1-day workshop will be followed by periodic teleconferences to assist teachers in implementing materials introduced in the workshops. In this way, participating teachers form a Professional Learning Community to share effective teaching strategies. For participation, you get a stipend of $50 for the 1-day workshop and another $50 for implementation and classroom field test feedback.

For a list of workshop topics, schedules and locations, visit http://wise.ssl.berkeley.edu/education_workshop.html


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