For the past decade, members of the NASA Center for Astronomy Education (CAE) at the University of Arizona have been conducting research focused on college-level, introductory astronomy for non-science majors (Astro 101). This research includes developing research-validated curriculum and assessment materials, conducting professional development workshops, and a nation-wide study looking into how interactive engagement teaching and individual student characteristics affect student learning gains.

If you teach Astronomy 101, have a colleague that does, or think you may be in the future; CAE invites you to attend one of their upcoming Teaching Excellence Workshops coming up this year. Find out more about these workshops, and other CAE professional development opportunities, go to the CAE workshop webpage:

Upcoming dates and workshop locations include:

–April 17-18: Boulder, CO
–April 24: Holland, MI
–May 8: Oceanside, CA
–May 15: Seattle, WA
–May 22-23: Miami, FL

To read more about CAE’s research results, including their Physics Today article, Teaching and Learning Astronomy in the 21st Century, go to the CAE publications webpage:


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