(Note: There are three education opportunities/sets of deadlines) in this ROSES NRA.)

Opportunities in Education and Public Outreach for Earth and Space Science
An opportunity to conduct midsized education and public outreach projects.

  • Full proposals due on June 3, 2010.

New Investigator Program in Earth Science (for early career scientists and engineers) and Fellowships for Early Career Researchers (for early career scientists and engineers in planetary science.

  • Notice of Intent is requested by Aug. 4, 2010
  • Full proposals due on Sept. 1, 2010.

Education or Outreach awards for Principal Investigators, or PIs, of selected research investigations as supplements to their research awards. Two different pathways are offered: $15K/year education pathway proposals and $10K/year outreach pathway proposals. The parent research award must have more than 12 months remaining at the time of submission of an education or outreach supplement proposal. For additional details concerning the submission of supplement proposals, please see Supplemental Outreach Awards for ROSES Investigators and Supplemental Education Awards for ROSES Investigators.


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