Grades 7-12 Science Teachers Needed to Review Online Interactive Earth Satellite Images

Indiana State University (ISU) just completed two new online interactive modules (in beta version) that involve analyzing satellite images of Earth:

  • Light (Spectral) Interactions with Earth Features
  • Temporal (Time) Changes in Biotic and Physical Environments Following Major Volcanic Activity: A Mt. St. Helens Example Using Landsat Satellite Imagery (1979-2005)

The modules were developed with support of NASA REASoN Program funding. Before national/international distribution, ISU seeks science teacher review comments to maximize clarity of content and ease of use by both teachers and students. Comments from teacher reviews will be used in creating a final version to be available in Fall 2010.

Reviews are needed during late May – late July time period. The Temporal module (Volcanoes) will be ready for teacher review in mid-late May and the Spectral module (Light Interactions) will be ready for review in early June. We estimate the time required for a review of a module will likely be 4-8 hours depending on the depth of a review. A reviewer can opt to review one or both of the modules. Descriptions of the two modules are below.

Teachers interested should contact the Paul Mausel ( and Dennis Skelton ( for more information relating to the nature of the review and sign-up for participation.


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