Gulf Oil Spill: New Article on Ocean Motion Web site

An unprecedented tragedy is unfolding in the Gulf of Mexico. More than one month after an explosion took place onboard the Deep Water Horizon, a drilling rig operated by British Petroleum in the Gulf of Mexico 50 miles off of the Louisiana coast, killing eleven workers, oil is still escaping from the drill site. Once in the ocean, the oil is subject to the whims of winds and ocean currents.

Read about what may happen to oil as it is entrained in the Loop Current. Will it flow into the Florida current and then be swept up the East Coast of the United States by the Gulf Stream? Learn about the current research of scientists including Dr. Robert Hetland and Dr. Robert Leben who are studying the Gulf of Mexico.

Investigate ocean surface current patterns in Lesson #1: Navigating the Ocean Teacher Guide using the Drifter Data model.

Learn more and explore the Ocean Motion Web site via:


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