High School Teacher Training: Global Climate Change Education

(July 12-15, Auburn University)

The Auburn University Global Climate Change Education team will begin the first phase of its teacher training this July.  During this first phase, the project will train 75 teachers in the Auburn University region with modules which the team has developed containing classroom activities in targeted areas of Global Climate Change Education (GCCE) for use in the high school curriculum. Biology, chemistry and physics teachers will be trained in the use of these modules for their classroom after completing a two-day workshop through partnership with Alabama Science in Motion (ASIM), which is administered by the Alabama State Department of Education (ALSDE).

Throughout the academic year, ASIM Specialists will then deliver the equipment and supplies needed to implement these activities in the participating teachers’ classrooms.  The project provides an equal opportunity for hands-on experimentation that many Alabama students would otherwise never experience. The program better prepares students for postsecondary education and recruitment into STEM disciplines.

Register via: https://fp.auburn.edu/asim/State%20PAGES/GCCE/GCCE%20Main.asp


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