Week-long ICEE Workshop Inspiring Climate Education Excellence

(June 10-16, Boulder, Colo.)

The Inspiring Climate Education Excellence (ICEE): Teacher Professional Development for Effective Instruction in Climate Science Literacy project is a teacher professional development that addresses important climate science content along with the pedagogical skills necessary for effective instruction.

ICEE will showcase NASA data and platforms, especially those associated with Arctic climate systems and global sea level change. While effective climate change education requires that teachers understand the content of climate science, it also requires teachers to bridge the science content with effective pedagogy. Pedagogical issues related to effective climate change education include aligning interdisciplinary climate science with existing science curricula, anticipating student misconceptions, and being prepared to address public controversy around climate change in the classroom.

Using the Essential Principles of Climate Literacy (EPCL) and building upon NASA and other climate science and learning resources, ICEE integrates pedagogical aspects of teaching climate change and best practices in integrating climate science and solutions. Stipend, credit and travel support are provided.

For more information, visit: http://cires.colorado.edu/education/outreach/ICEE/ or contact Dr. Susan Buhr: susan.buhr@colorado.edu.

To apply, contact tina.arthur@colorado.edu or complete the online application: https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/PMPRQ6J.


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