Online Professional Development Workshop: Hurricanes as Heat Engines — MY NASA DATA Lessons

John Ensworth at the Institute for Global Environmental Strategies and the NASA Science Mission Directorate invite you to attend an upcoming online professional development workshop.

Topic: Hurricanes as Heat Engines — MY NASA DATA Lessons
The passage of a hurricane causes a large transfer of heat between the ocean surface and the atmosphere. It also causes surface waters to diverge, bringing cooler water from below to the surface (upwelling). These effects are so large that they can be seen by a drop in sea surface temperature, or SST, in satellite data observations along the path of the storm. The cooler water conditions may last for a week or longer after the storm. In this MY NASA DATA session, explore two versions (teacher-directed and inquiry-based) of a classroom-ready lesson, “Hurricanes as Heat Engines.” Through graphical images and data plots, you will examine a historical Category 5 hurricane, Hurricane Rita, which crossed the Gulf of Mexico during Sept. 18-24, 2005. Susan Moore will present this lesson and invites your questions and comments.

Date: Friday, June 25, 2010

Time: 3 p.m. EDT (Greenwich Mean Time -04:00, New York)

You will need a computer, a good internet connection and a telephone to participate.

Participants must first register for this meeting. The event is free.
Note: Only the first 150 registrants will be accepted. Register ASAP!

If this meeting is full, you will receive an e-mail that reads: “Your registration for this meeting is denied.” In that case, we ask you to please join us in the next workshop!

If you do miss the event, we will send you the link to a video archive of the workshop so you still will be able to benefit from the exercises.

Please join the meeting 10-15 minutes before its start to make sure your computer is prepared to run the Webex software. You also may access the meeting via the Webex iPhone and Blackberry applications.

Where to Register
1. Go to

2. Register for the meeting.

3. Check for the confirmation e-mail with instructions for joining the meeting.

To view in other time zones or languages, please click the link


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