(Oct. 25-28, New Orleans, La. Abstracts due Aug. 15)

The A-Train satellite constellation brings together a rich array of instruments to better understand Earth’s changing climate and environment. The International Symposium on the A-Train Satellite Constellation 2010 is an opportunity to learn more about the A-Train system and to engage other colleagues with similar interests.

This Symposium aims to provide a forum to exchange information on the latest scientific advancements using multisensor measurements from the A-Train, and is structured along four themes: atmospheric composition and chemistry; aerosols, clouds, radiation, and the hydrological cycle; atmospheric, oceanic, and terrestrial components of the carbon cycle; and weather and other operational applications.

The meeting will be organized into two parts: a one-day user workshop on Oct. 25 focusing on instrument data products and their use and, a three-day symposium (Oct. 26–28) emphasizing science capabilities and advancements realized through the A-Train multi-sensor system.

The symposium is open and prospective participants are strongly encouraged to submit abstracts for poster presentations, as accommodations are available for posters to be displayed for the duration of the meeting. Only a limited number of opportunities will be available for afternoon oral presentations. The deadline for abstract submissions is Aug. 15, 2010. Travel assistance for a limited number of undergraduate and graduate students is also available.

For more information on the Syposium, including registration and lodging information, visit:


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