“Know Your Earth” Takes NASA To The Movies

The “Know Your Earth” project is a venture between NASA’s Earth-Observing missions and National CineMedia.  NASA has released two short videos that are playing on television screens in almost 300 movie theater lobbies across 41 states. The videos, which have been playing throughout the month of July, emphasize that while NASA’s well known for space exploration, it also studies our home planet.

The first video, “Know Your Earth,” shares a series of fascinating facts about how climate change affects oceans, land, the atmosphere, and ice sheets around the world. The three-minute video explains how NASA’s Earth observing satellite fleet helps scientists gather accurate data to understand those changes. The animated video features a clip-art style astronaut who jumps in the ocean, flies in a helicopter, and generally gets up close and personal to the action.

The second video, called “NASA Reveals a Most Unusual Planet,” runs 30 seconds and uses dramatic, high-tech space animations to show that NASA has uncovered the most unusual planet in the known universe – Earth.

A website – http://www.nasa.gov/topics/earth/features/KnowYourEarth.html – features links to free downloadable versions of the videos for use in classrooms, science centers, and by the general public. It also includes information on each of the satellite missions involved in the project and how each makes a significant scientific contribution in our understanding climate change.


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