“Making Citizen Observations a Global Vision” Annual College and University Student Essay Contest

(Due Oct. 22)

Earthzine (a publication of the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers) announces its second global essay and blogging competition for college and university students. This year’s theme is “Making Citizen Observations a Global Vision,” which seeks to explore the benefits and challenges of the collaborative role citizens observers play in the collection and validation of Earth observations. Winning essays will explore and debate concepts related to the contest’s theme, and should be related to one or more of Earthzine’s focal topics (agriculture, biodiversity, climate, disasters, ecosystems, energy, health, water, or weather).

The contest is open to undergraduate and graduate college and university students who are currently enrolled in any program of study (at least half-time) at any accredited institution worldwide. Winners will receive certificated of award, share $1,200 in cash prizes (with $500 for first place), as well as international recognition afforded by Earthzine publication.

For more information, please visit: http://www.earthzine.org/2010/07/28/earthzines-second-annual-college-and-university-student-essay-and-blogging-contest-theme-%E2%80%9Cmaking-citizen-observations-a-global-vision%E2%80%9D/


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