Student Scientist Observation Campaign With A-Train Satellites

(Oct. 18-Nov. 5; Symposium Oct. 25-28, New Orleans, La.)

Students and teachers are invited to participate in a worldwide A-Train Student Scientist Observation Campaign that will occur Oct. 18 through Nov. 5. The observation campaign will occur in conjunction with the second International Symposium on the A-Train Satellite Constellation 2010, which will take place in New Orleans, La., from Oct. 25-28. The campaign provides a unique opportunity for students to make and report ground-based observations which are coordinated with the overpass of four A-Train satellites (Aqua, Aura, CALIPSO, and CloudSAT). Teachers can apply the campaign’s activities to the ongoing science, math, and writing lessons tied to their curricula. A-Train scientists will also share A-Train imagery and data about Earth topics, such as sea ice and hurricanes, and will discuss these topics of interest through an A-Train Symposium Activities Blog (

Information on both the symposium and the observation campaign can be found here:


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