DREAM Looking for High School Teams to Understand the Lunar Extremes!

(Deadline for applications Nov. 10)

The DREAM Education and Public Outreach Team is currently accepting applications for participation in the Lunar Extreme Program. Beginning in early 2011, DREAM will be educating high school students and teachers about its science goals in order to prepare them for participation and interaction with DREAM scientists at a culminating Lunar Extreme Workshop (LEW) to be held at Goddard Space Flight Center from June 20-24, 2011. The LEW will bring DREAM scientists together with teachers and students (scientists-in-training) to investigate the effects of solar storms on the lunar surface. The project is seeking two teams of high school teachers and students (approximately 4-6 students per teacher) from the Md./Va./D.C. area who would like to participate in the Lunar Extreme Program from January-June 2011, culminating in participation at the LEW.

For more information, please email Heather Weir (heather.weir@ssaihq.com), or visit: http://ssed.gsfc.nasa.gov/dream/highschoolstudents.html


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